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Originally Posted by Bry View Post
I mean... yeah. I don't mind the designs, they're a little chunky for my tastes, but I like them more than, say, BayTurtles. That said, I don't see the appeal in paying $350 a pop for a redesign/"reimagining" kind of look like this.

What would be cool is if they'd do lines patterned after iconic comic artist's styles, like the Batman Black & White statues. Do a set of statues in an A.C. Farley style, or Mateus Santolouco, or Eric Talbot...
Good ideas...

I really like this style myself. There are pics of all 4 on Sideshow in an art print.

I love this design. Maybe I am alone...thats fine. I am buying.

They are also pretty huge...15x10x13. That might explain the costs a bit.
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