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Originally Posted by Ramboraph4life aka Matt View Post
This isn't exactly what the thread is about, but so I'll just add on what stories they could have 'expanded on'...

*The Slash Story Line. Instead of quickly turning him good? They could have created this 'parallel with Raph' dynamic. Raph is 'Raph' because of his family, while Slash is what Raph would be without the love from his family. But in MY opinion, they dropped the ball on that.

*The Raph 'Mind Control' Story Line. I wish they really would have expanded on that plot and made that into an emotional least two episodes. I think it would have been fitting if Raph seemed like he was ready to give a killing blow to Leo but then Mikey brought him out of it. Perhaps by replaying/re-doing his hug as a remembrance for Raph to snap him out of it.

*The Don/April thing. Some will feel that is dumb to say. But instead of relying on whatever this 'finale thing is' (aka 'We Loved Mad Max Fury Road, so let's reference that instead of doing an actual finale with the characters'). But if they wanted to bring it up? Actually go through with them having a relationship. You can still do that in a respectable 'family/kids' show. This 'maybe/maybe not for 5 years' was silly and stretched out way too long.

*This isn't an 'expanded on'...but it's too bad that there wasn't a Mikey and Raph episode where those two were the centerpiece and had to work together to 'save the day'.

*I know everyone and their buddy will groan on this...but I wish Raphael had been way, way better used. I even gave recent episodes a chance. But whether he was turned int a plant, or turned into a vampire way early on in an arc and was deemed useless/a hassle to deal with, not doing anything with the fact that it was him and April with Splinter when Splinter was killed (the second think maybe they could have done something with Raph witnessing that firsthand and right in front of him), getting mind-controlled, and so well as most of his story lines were just him needing to 'fix his own mistakes' (dealing with Spider Bytez in a situation he created, dealing with Slash in a situation he created, Raph accidentally damaging a Kraang machine and thus having him switch brains with a Kraang...

I know 99% will disagree but for me personally? Part of me distancing away from the series was this stuff. At least Leo was able to kill the Shredder, Donnie making the retro-mutagen, and Mikey either getting electrical powers/stopping the Parasitica/being the King of Dimension X and an expert in it. Pretty much all I could give you is 'Raph helping Leo a little bit when he was healing'. But that's it.

And no one needs to get nasty or mean if they read this. This is just me giving my own personal/thoughts on what I wish they would have expanded/done differently with the show.
Amen to all of this. My thoughts exactly. He was very badly handled and horribly underused. Really good way to alienate a lot of Raph fans. Totally unacceptable and very disappointing but yeah, express your dissatisfaction with the way your favorite turtle is handled and for some reason you're suddenly seen as a villain on the forums.
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