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The Midnight Society

I would like to honor the greatest show on TV while growing (Are You Afraid of the Dark?) up by starting a game in it's memory.

1.) Posts are to build on top of one another in order to collectively create one community scary story.
2.) Posts may be no shorter than one sentence, no longer than three.
3.) Comedy is allowed, but remember, we're aiming for a spooky story. And try to Keep it Old-School Nickelodeon-Safe.

Without further adieu...

Submitted for the approval of the Midnight Society, I call this story,
The Tale of the Cookoo Clock.

Ben was a young boy, who had just turned 10. His mom, dad, and sister, were just getting moved into their new house in a smaller town up in northern Pennsylvania. Ben, being the adventurous kid that he was, had already explored every room in the creeky old house, except one...
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