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Some of my coloring books(I know dorky, but they teach you kinda how to draw also). Inquire for pics of more/better pics.

Very cool variant of the monster jam hot wheel with metallic shell and blinged out rims.

Pic of random items that changes all the time, this is just what it looks like now.

Complete set of all the Mega blok TMNT playsets. I even contacted them and asked for extra elite guards and weapons for other mini figs I have. They sent them to me for free in like 2 days.

One of my "hardest to assemble" collections. I found these at the dollar store, and thought I could get the set if I bought a case. I ended up buying 2 cases, having tons of doubles, and still needing to get 2 "rare" ones off ebay. Since then, I see the complete sets once in a while.

So fresh and so clean!

Thrashin mike at kaybee closeout for $5...Score. Magnetic art board. Mutant Makaer. Stamp set.

Roller skates that will never fit me, but I saved from a rummage sale...with the box.

So fresh and so clean, clean!
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