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I, along with either my sister or a close friend, were in some kind of home-like facility, I believe there to heal from some kind of injury. Had just woken up in this place, in a regular bed (though rather large and the sister/friend was sharing the other side) with the blanket pulled up over my head, but the side at the edge of the bed open a bit to let in some air and light. My head clearing, still laying under the covers, I notice that my outstretched arm and hand is different and I appear not to be in my normal body; my skin is a dark green, I have chunky three-fingered hands, and [I guess through dream magic] I'm aware that my facial features have become like that of the Turtles.

I have become aware of this 'problem' just before an uncle was coming in to visit me and my sister/friend and I'm not sure what to do. I stay under the covers and just say hi to him from the open side. Luckily he somehow didn't notice.

A bit later the sister/friend and I were outside of this building. I'm not sure if it was some kind of lunch picnic or what, but there was some kind of small afternoon event happening for the people who are at this place. I'm trying to keep a low profile and so far so good no one has yet to take notice of this woman with the green skin and odd features.

I was still clothed, and my torso was still built/shaped like my normal human woman body, so I was only like the Turtles to a degree, but wearing short sleeves and shorts the green skin (and somewhat reptile-like in texture) was really obvious. Also pretty sure my hair was gone, though I might have been trying to "hide" this new identity with a hat...

Don't quite remember what went on beyond this point. Pretty sure I was in this body a while longer, but it was one of those dreams that just gets really random and is all over the place. Was kind of fun to see things from that perspective though.
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