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Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
I see BubblyShell22 is a fan of back-alley coat-hanger abortions, not even surprised.
Yeah, I was going to say, they tried to make it illegal and it didn't work. At all. That being one of the primary reasons.

As for me...paid parental leave - for both mothers and fathers (whether the child is biological or adopted) for at least four months to start, and universal healthcare. Might help knock down the already declining numbers in abortion thanks to accessible birth control and health education. The majority of abortions happen simply because a woman can't afford to carry on a pregnancy, let alone have time to care for a baby. And in most of those cases, there's already a child in the picture.

Making abortions illegal isn't going to solve problems - it will only make them worse. What will help is providing help to those who need it, and that includes impoverished mothers.
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