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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Like I said, it must be nice to live where you live, Larry.
Except for the fact that gay people don't exist there.
Well, excuse me for actually valuing human life which we all must do every day no matter what. And you once said you're against abortions so you are obviously a liar in that regard.

And abortion has nothing to do with gays. It has to do with respecting life. I don't believe in abortion just like I don't believe in the transgender lifestyle or bi-sexuality. As far as I'm concerned you are either gay or straight and that's it. We aren't meant to like both sexes and aren't designed that way. I'm fine with homosexuals and heterosexuals but bi-sexuals and transgenders are mentally ill.

And I did state in my policy that a rape victim doesn't have to keep the baby and can place it for adoption. When anyone hears about adoption, they automatically just think of foster care, but in reality there are other options. There are adoption websites where people can choose who cares for their baby and even adoption centers now. You can choose to have an open adoption or a closed one and it really isn't that bad. I feel it's better to give a child a chance at life rather than just taking it away just because of how it was conceived since it's not the child's fault. And I also feel it's better to give parents who are unable to conceive the joy of having a child from someone else who wants to give it a good life and a good family.

I find it sad that people who are for abortion exist. All of you get mad when there's a terrorist attack, a shooting, or a natural disaster that kills people all of the time and you are always sad when a celebrity dies. But when it comes to an innocent baby who has no voice and no say in how they live, you support killing it for certain reasons. Honestly, anyone who is pro-choice is no better than a terrorist who bombs buildings or a shooter who kills people because of their own messed up vendetta.

It's hypocrisy at its finest and that's the saddest thing of all.
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