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Originally Posted by plastroncafe View Post
Andrew, kind of not liking your use of language here, because it sounds to me like you're placing all of the responsibility for a pregnancy on the woman.

And there should be additional consequences for a woman who decides to get Knocked Up?
Are pregnancy, labor and delivery, and potentially having to care for a newborn not consequence enough?
Oh, I mean it equally for the mother and father. No, not enough, what about financial consequences?

And I don't mean "consequences" of a punishment nature. Having kids is awesome, if you're in a place where you can do it. I wish I had more kids. But this is a major life-changing choice you shouldn't go into blindly and I don't know that it should really be on everyone else to "have your back" financially when and if you choose to do so. Because it's a choice, a completely elective one.

Pay parental leave should be a cost of doing business.
Different example. So I break open my piggy bank and finally open my bikini barista stand. I have a total of 4 full-time employees there, all 4 of them get pregnant in the same summer and now 8-9 months later, I need to pay them 4 full months of wages? And now pay 4 new full-time employees, simultaneously?

How is that anything but a crippling, unsurvivable business model? And number two, as a business owner, wouldn't such a thing make me wayyy less likely to want to be hiring women (obviously doesn't work with my example, but you know what I mean)?

The same amount of Parental leave should be provided regardless of gender identity.
To suggest otherwise is to downplay the role of non gestational parents in the life of a child.
No I agree, if we're talking parental leave, it needs to apply to both the mother and father.

Where I work you're allowed to use short-term disability after you've used up all your vacation time. And you can use this time regardless of whether you have given birth or adopted a child.

Course at the end of that you still used up all your vacation time. So heaven forbid that child, or you yourself, get sick. Nothing says fantastic job performance like making your employees work when they're ill.
I don't get any of that stuff, ever. The way it is now I get my yearly vacation time, which is no longer called "vacation time" for reasons I don't completely understand, but PTO. I am also allotted, I think, 5 paid sick leave days a year outside of this.

That's it, there's nothing else. There is "family leave" but that's not paid.

There's also research to suggest that it takes a man's career longer to bounce back after the use of family leave time then it does a woman. That's not okay either.
That's... odd.

Originally Posted by TurtleWA View Post
If it happens in the US it will most likely be an insurance type payment system. Employees select various amounts to contribute into the parental leave system. Then when you need it your paid not your full working wages but a set percent (maybe 55%) of your yearly earnings. Distributed every week for so many weeks.
That would seem fair. I'd get behind that.

Originally Posted by BubblyShell22 View Post
And I did state in my policy that a rape victim doesn't have to keep the baby and can place it for adoption.
How kind of you.

I find it sad that people who are for abortion exist. All of you get mad when there's a terrorist attack, a shooting, or a natural disaster that kills people all of the time and you are always sad when a celebrity dies. But when it comes to an innocent baby who has no voice and no say in how they live, you support killing it for certain reasons.
Who the hell is killing babies? You mean zygotes and fertilized eggs? Because those aren't babies.

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