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For someone who has made the reproductive decision to not have children, you sure are vocal about other people's reproductive decisions.

Pregnancy is hard. Extremely hard. It's physically, mentally, and financially taxing. And a lot of people can't commit to those burdens of pregnancy alone. Carrying to term and giving up a baby isn't going to help that person in the slightest. She still has to recover physically and mentally from it. She still has to deal with PPD. She still has to deal with all the side effects of giving birth. She still has to pay thousands of dollars for delivery. Pregnancy is not an experience a lot of people can afford and that's the most common reason why termination happens. It's a choice between paying the bills and keeping the home financially stable, or losing all of it for maternity care.

The majority of terminations happen for impoverished single black women who already have at least one child to care for. The cost of maintaining a second pregnancy alone would put her and her living child in danger. "She shouldn't have had sex" is not an answer, and even more, it's a slap in the face.

The solution to abortion is not making it illegal (because again, they tried that, and it ended very, very badly...warning for some graphic imagery as a result of an attempted self-termination), but ensuring enough financial stability so it's not an act of desparation to keep a roof with air conditioning and electricity over their heads.

Of course it's sad when a baby dies. It's sad when they have life-threatening conditions that end their lives too early. It's sad when a woman who wants a pregnancy has a spontaneous miscarriage (which has been treated as severely as abortion in many areas where it's illegal!). It's sad when a woman has to give up her child three months in because she can no longer handle every little strain it brings to her own life. It's sad when thousands of children grow up in foster care and never be adopted because they're not healthy white babies - as what is demanded by most prospective adopting parents - while there's a shortage of healthy white babies. But termination in early stages is a great deal more merciful than bringing a child into the world that will never be wanted, have emotionally fulfilling care, and have a permanent stable home. Are there aspects of it that is sad? Of course. A woman might want to carry on a pregnancy but find that it's impossible for her and her family. The embryo/fetus might have already died of natural causes and hadn't properly ejected. It might be doomed to a short life in agony because of severe deformities. It might have Trisomy 13. It might kill her. It might ruin her financially. The list of reasons why terminations happen is so much more than "rape, incest, or just not wanting a baby".

Not all terminations happen because a woman doesn't want to be pregnant. Many happen when she does, but finds that it is the only option she has for herself and her family. In many late-term terminations, for the very, very, very few that there are, especially when situations like deadly deformations (TRISOMY 13) happen or abrupt deaths, professionals will handle the situation like a birth for the sake of the parents' comfort, who may have been waiting for the baby and come up with heartbreak and disappointment. That includes the mother being able to hold it after it has died/while it's dying, to give her some sense of closure and at least a taste of what she had been wanting but was unable to have.

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