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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
I have a love-hate relationship with it since I first played it.
I kinda feel the same way. On one hand, the game introduced the weird slippy feeling controls that have been in every 3D Sonic game since, the PS2, Xbox and PC ports are horrible and broken in many ways and it's story lead into one of the most questionable games in the entire series. But on the other hand the levels and music are fun, memorable, and catchy. It was the last 3D game to have the original voice cast and I personally don't think we've had a better English dub since. Also it's plot lead into Sonic Battle which I thought was a cool RPG/fighting game hybrid.

So even though I should dislike it there's enough of what made the Adventure games so fun and memorable to me in it, so I can't bring myself to dislike it even though I don't like what it did for the 3D series going forward. It's also responsible for my favorite line in any piece of Sonic media:

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