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Spider Man: Far from Home.
So far the most uneven movie from last MCUs, I've seen.
Plot doesn't make much sense and sometimes outright stupid, Peter's class mates are annoying and make me think as if SMFFH is some sort of parody. Misterio's power are underutilized. MJ doesn't really feel like she is the same character from the first movie.
The are some good parts, but all in all I feel like its probably my least favorite movie from the MCU, next to Hulk.

With that I've finished all MCU movies and might say, regardless of quality of some separate pictures, it is an amazing project. And I hope future will net even more good movies from this series.
Of course, they are not some sort of groundbreaking "Citizen Kane" stuff, but they are serviceable fun, not worse than any other generic summer blockbusters from the last few years.

Jurassic World 2.
If JW1 felt like a retread of JP1, this movie feels like a retread of JP: Lost World. Just instead of 90% on the island, 10% in the city, this movie is like 40% on the island, 60% in the city.
All in all it is fun movie, which feels more like an adaption of some countless comic books based on Jurassic Park. In particular the one where some drug kingpin steals several Raptors to use them as personal army or something. On one hand, this movie thematically feels close to the idea of the first movie, on the other - it is so on the nose with its message it makes me feel a bit odd. Dinosaurs a bit less humanized, than in JW1, so that's a plus.
All in all, its a good movie, but nothing incredible.
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