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Just a few things I'm wondering, not argiung, just pondering here.

Renet and the future. As for the discussion on the legendary heros, it could have been after as some suggested, finding the oasis etc.
On the other hand they were quite old, but granted still had time make a difference.
She said they were in the history books so I imagine the world got to the point that we had them again then.
Finally, she called Mikey the Cute one, someone would then have to remember the days when he was cute. That wouldn't be after be the apocalypse.
If the bomb had gone off 20 years later, there would be time for some of that to fit, I don't know how far into the future she was from though.

Or, is it that the writers just hadn't planned this as an end back then and decided not to let that episode get in the way of their planned finale? they could choose to do that.
Unless, it was a 'tale' just the planned final one. I'm not going onto the 'was it or wasn't it a tale' debate though, I know what Nick have said, I'm just thinking of the writers intentions with the episode at the moment, they haven't said it's a tale...unless I have that wrong.

When the bomb went off: All they have to do is tell us! A writer on the show said it was while they were young (posted in either this thread or the arc thread) but that didn't come from Brandon or Ciro. Also, as I've discussed with another member already, young is still up to 30. They could have been stuck in the wasteland for 40-50 years or it could have been less.
I think a lot of people think it was right afterwards, the bomb going off later both helps the Renet confusion and also takes a degree of sadness from the arc (for me anyway, they all at least had longer before it all went to crap)

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