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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
I tried to get into Archie but all the baggage made me not want to check it out for too long but I also don't want what Archie became which was this random hybrid of adapting the Sega stories and then going back to their own stuff.
Archie stopped doing that past Adventure 2, mostly because they realized the Archie continuity was just not at all compatible with the Sega stuff from Adventure on. Which was another problem with Archie; their entire lore was so radically different it was hard to reconcile with the brand sometimes. Anyway, past that point they just did, like, ten page "lead-ins" to the games which... geez, at that point, why even bother, you know? More people were playing the games than reading the comics. If you're not going to adapt, there's no sense in doing anything for it. Those lead-ins aren't promoting the game or getting any more sales than otherwise. If you're a hardcore enough brand fan to have been reading the Archie comic past, say, 2005, you were already buying those games anyway.

Such a weird way of doing things.

Originally Posted by LeotheLateBloomer View Post
Same! Plus I'm well way over SatAM. Has not aged well for me.
I had the same experience. It has aged poorly. Same for the Archie offshoot, in my opinion. I remember liking it a lot as a kid, but looking back, from some of the stories to the art, it was kind of yuck. It's part of why I was also never able to get back into the comic years down the line. It had this whole weird world, wildly different from every other version, often giving focus to a bunch of characters I either didn't care about or didn't care about anymore. I know Archie and Ian Flynn tried to streamline it with a quasi-reboot about four years ago, but there was no untangling that mess without dropping what made that version different to start with.

That makes it sound like the SatAM cast might make an appearance.
I'd almost be willing to put money down on some of the Archie cast re-appearing at some point. I don't picture them being main cast ever again, but I figure them being a team with a new niche, like the Chaotix or something, who pop in from time to time and end up friends of Sonics. They've been a large part of a unique brand of Sonic for so long I can't imagine them being left out entirely.
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