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Originally Posted by sdp View Post
On the other hand I was able to appreciate AOSTH more.
I've taken some s*** in the past for liking that show; thankfully most of it just from friends who weren't too dickish about it. People give it a lot of crap, but it's a decent enough time. Sonic filtered through Looney Tunes. I think it's because it's comedic, which tends to get a knee jerk reaction of "ew" from some people when there's an alternative. Some people just genuinely like the drama of the other show better, some are the eye rolling "that show is better because OMG it's so dark" sort I just write off immediately, some could just never get into the silliness of AoStH. There are all sorts, I guess. I wish some people gave it more of a fair chance. I mean, both shows are over, so it's not like it matters anymore which is "better".

I really wanted to watch SATAM after all the praise it got, when the DVDs finally came out and I got to check the show out I was disappointed by how average it was.
That was sort of how it was for me when I went back to it. I wonder if the novelty of Sonic with a story bolstered it at the time. The 2D games were the usual platformer "there's your enemy at the end of the stage, defeat him" affairs, so SatAM and Archie were the only places to really see any semblance of story up until Adventure.
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