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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
Welcome Jazzfox, I believe that IDW serves past iterations of the franchise well with the inspiration while doing it's own thing. There has been a couple of men stretches, but I appreciate what IDW has done. It has helped me turn from an other media fan to a comic book preferred fan, Nickelodeon era at least.
The comic has definitely been a wild ride to 100 and onward, glad to hear that it managed to find you some new turtle love too =D

Originally Posted by Wesley View Post
Welcome. I became more of a TMNT fan a few years ago when I started to rewatch the 2003 series and have a look back at the old films, though the 1987 series was my favourite childhood show.
Sweet! I got plenty of giggles out of the early 2k3 eps - the LARP episode and the mushroom episodes in particularly - but I did grow to love as the seasons went on and it took a more serious tone

Sadly I've only got a couple of '87 episodes I vaguely recall catching sight of and dearly need to revisit sometime =o

In either case, thanks for the welcome aboard guys, hope to have more turtles to talk about with you soon =B
Always Happy to talk Turtles!

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