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Lime green (and black) dump truck named...Frankenstein. Written across the bug shield on the front of it. Huh?? lol Can't say I've ever seen one named, but I guess its owner/driver did.

2/25 -- Made me a little sad this morning when I was leaving for work, hit the end of my street and, while looking to see if any cars were coming on the main road, noticed an ambulance backing into a driveway and the paramedics quickly pulling up right after it. No idea who lives there, but the thought that someone in that house, nearly neighbor, woke up this morning (or not) and it didn't go too well... Hit me that that could have been someone's life ending right there. Could even be the same vehicles and people that showed up for my dad, for all I know. My well wishes to that person...or I guess RIP if that's how it turned out.

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