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Okay, at long last, I have a tentative top 10 favorite films of all time list. I say "tentative," because there will always be changes as I see new films. But 5-1 are pretty much set, and here's what I've got:

10.) Donnie Darko (2001) Dir: Richard Kelly
9.) Moon (2009) Dir: Duncan Jones
8.) Forbidden Planet (1956) Dir: Fred M. Wilcox
7.) Blade Runner (1982) Dir: Ridley Scott
6.) Falling Down (1993) Dir: Joel Schumacher (yes, that Joel Schumacher)
5.) Edgar Wright's Entire Filmography (Shaun of the Dead(2005), Hot Fuzz(2007), Scott Pilgrim vs. the World(2010)) Dir: Edgar Wright (No, really?)
4.) Jurassic Park (1993) Dir: Steven Spielberg
3.) Pulp Fiction (1994) Dir: Quentin Tarintino
2.) The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Dir: Irvin Kershner
1.) An American Werewolf in London (1981) Dir: John Landis

Here's a list that I'm constantly updating and adding to, in case you're curious:
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