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Originally Posted by oldmanwinters View Post
I think it's a big improvement in style!
Thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by DevilSpooky View Post
Amazing, I think they look even better like this o.O
Thanks I think so too!

Originally Posted by DVD View Post
I love the Donatello look.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
Wow, these look ridiculously good. Soooooo much better than the standard versions. I sold my goofy ass set off to pay for the SH Figuarts, but if they re-released these in this color scheme, hot damn, I'd sell blood to cover the costs. Super badass. They seem awkward & generic on their own, but with your new paint job, presenting them as updated versions of the original toys, woooo! Beauties. I appreciate them a lot more in this light (even if they are still flawed in some ways).
Thanks for the compliments! I was also considering selling my set to make money for the new figures coming out, but decided to paint them instead. I never liked the color scheme they used on these figures, too generic and boring, have thought about painting them like this for a while and finally got around to it. The main flaws I see on these figures is too many unsightly articulation lines, but I like them a lot better now after painting them and eliminating the cross-eyes.

Originally Posted by TheBlueTurtle1 View Post
Wow, those look much better, good job man.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by MrPliggins View Post
Not sure how you got the paint colors so accurate but these look great! Nice job.
I had to mix some of the colors to try and match the original toys, can't call it an exact match but close enough! Thanks!

Originally Posted by Optimus Primer View Post
The brown weapons is a wonderful touch!! Never seen that before on a repaint!
Thanks! Yeah I even wanted the weapons to have that vintage look.

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
That's a great paintjob.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by CylonsKlingonsDaleksOhMy View Post
I really REALLY like that. I want my own set!
Thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by Monsterhjerne View Post
HOOOOLY **** these are awesome. Kudos on the paint application. I would imagine these were harder than they look, with all the parts and smooth surface. Really looks great. I have played with the idea myself, but the brown colorscheme on the weapons really take them to the next level. Had not thought of that myself, so if I ever go there, you have definately inspired the hell out of me. Excellent!
Thank you! It was a fun project, and yeah it definitley was challenging to paint these figures because of all the articulation. You should paint your set, yeah the weapons I decided to paint just like the vintage figures, but painting them more realistic would look good too, I just decided to go all out with the vintage look. Glad I could inspire ya!

I'm quite pleased myself with how this set turned out. These figures have crazy articulation and I've seen online photos of them in some amazing poses. When I get a chance I wanna take some more photos of them in different poses and post them here. Only downside of posing highly articulated custom painted figures is the risk of paint chipping, so I'll likely have to do some touch-ups after.
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