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New gear grind- people who paint political "leftists" (aka liberals) as intolerant fascist idiots more concerned with not offending fringe groups than with actual progressive ideals like equality or human rights. This may be true of a few outliers, but like any large group, there are bad apples in every bunch. The problem is when pseudo-intellectual "superiors" sneer in distain at the proponents of what is at heart a movement intended to promote individuality and a better understanding and harmony for all, by backhandedly insulting and demeaning them as fools for having an ideological dream of a future where minorities of all stripes are treated with respect and equality.

Of course, this is not to say that "the right" are bad- they have their positive points too- but those among them (or who stand firmly against "the left") who pretend to be morally superior while systemically promoting nothing but division and vitriol through their hate-mongering of EITHER "side" are nothing but a$$hats incabable of any compassion, tolerance, or basic human decency themselves. It is sickening and a stain on humanity.
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