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Definite grind... Being one of those states where we actually have to take our vehicles to the DMV for inspection. As long as it's a quiet day, as it was today, and you're not stuck in a long line of cars, the inspection itself is quick and easy. Nice weather today so it was pretty pleasant. (Never even had to get out of the car.)

It's the drive over there that I hate... Definitely a down side to us not being able to just go to a local auto place that can do it like many other states do.

Between too many people apparently driving like idiots/jerks today and having to be on roads or parts of roads I'd rather avoid... And then accidentally ending up on frigging I-95 on the way home which is just fantastic. All thanks to a bunch of changes they made to an area of roads around the 95 exits that is rather confusing (esp the non-exist fly over that just 'magically' became 95) and I'm not used to it coming from that end and it's so easy to miss which lane you will need to be in as it comes up on you so fast with too much traffic.

At least it's done for another year. (Though I'm still mad they up and doubled the price per year back in '07. Almost no one pays for more than a year at a time anymore... That amount used to get me two.)

Originally Posted by Krutch View Post
When we wrapped out our show last season, the Executive Producer and Showrunner approached me to tell me that if we get picked up for another season that I would be in the writers room (at long last!).

We were just cancelled.

So... yeah.

Moving back to Vancouver and trying again there. Such a piss off.
Aw! Well that seriously stinks. Good luck on the next one, hope you land something great.

6/14 - The lies people tell themselves to excuse things they do.

Verbally raised an eyebrow at my mother, so to speak, when I saw her immediately getting a second fudge pop from the freezer after having just had a first one. I was pretty certain I'd already heard her get into them not long before.

Her excuse... "It's the other half. They come in twos. So I can have it." And pulls out another to show me how the packaging consists of two completely separate fudge pops with connected wrappers.

Oh for the love of... *facedesk* You are a grown woman who should damn well know better! Yes, I'm so totally sure that a woman who has recently returned to type 2 diabetes totally needs a second one AND to make stupid excuses to have it; expecting me to buy that claim.

That crap (making up lies to excuse it) just makes me lose respect of people. If you're going to act against your own best interests, at least OWN it.

Too bad she had dumped them in and threw out the box. I'd have gladly pointed out to her the existence of the SERVING SIZE info.

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