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Y'all know it's Kraang Sub-Prime!

It's such a shame that we never really learned his full backstory. Why'd he turn on his council? How'd he get the mechanical eye? And the scar? And the tattoo (???) What's up with the "sub-sub Prime" thing? Did he kill King?

Part of me is pretty sure it was just an "I have the high ground" combat with Bishop. However, that comes with imagining Gilbert Gottfried doing a take on "You underestimate my power!"

For what he was lacking in backstory, I thought he was pretty entertaining for the most part. But the whole Irma thing could have been dealt with better. Think of all the things he would have learned about other than the turtles from April. Things he could have tried to exploit or...wanted to purge from his memory. Though, that's a problem more with writing than the character himself.

Unlike some, I found that casting to be pretty darn funny, with plenty of room for...jokes I haven't been able to draw.

"Torturing" Queen by reading 50 Shades of Grey for instance...while wearing her tiara.
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