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Originally Posted by Redeemer View Post
Maybe he is a salt water crock Anyway this was a great idea for a thread and is long over-due

The Titanic went down a little North of England/Britian

Anyone else think IDW needs to create new villains to grow the TMNT Rogues gallery? I really like Old Hob, I am not sure how I feel about this New Villian from TMNT universe. I wish Alopex stayed a villain,
He's an American Alligator. A wrongly colored American Alligator (they're usually black), but everything about his build says that's what he is. The shape of his head and snout, his bulk. A crocodile would be more slender in every way.

The Titanic wreckage is in the Labradore Sea, 370 miles south from Newfoundland. It was nowhere close to Britain at that point, especially because it was so close to the end of journey. It's right about at 41.726931 N -49.948253 W .

So, the Titanic wreckage would be about 588.74 miles from Burnow. Probably too far for them to know what was going until after the event. In fact, Burnow is quite a lot closer to New York than the Titanic was when it sank.

Considering how Alopex was a cute little bad@$$ fox with a "Tragic Backstory™ right from the get-go, it seems like she was always meant to switch sides. Not to mention that because she's a cute little fox, she is extremely identifiable, especially considering the glut of fox characters that exist on the internet, including those similar to her. Which is honestly why I don't care much for her.
I'm not so sure she was ever truly a cold-cut villain in the same way as Hob, Shredder and Krang - who certainly does have something of a Tragic Backstory. And of course, she was never a villain who acted on her own. She was a crony, and I'm not so sure she could be an antagonist on her own.

I'd say the way her personal needs were written during that time were far different from Hob and Krang - who are both commandeering and having suffered losses that they would understand with Alopex. The difference is that when it comes from separation from family and home, she is more on Raphael's field of empathy than Hob and Krang. Hob who was actually a complete and total innocent when he was thrown out by his "family" (making his backstory the only mini I can't stand to read on an emotional level), and Krang, who could have had the power to stop what was happening on his homeworld but couldn't - and I've assumed that he has suffered mentally from separation of his own kind.
Imagine you're the last human, save for the ones you've managed to save who are in stasis; your own father could be called directly responsible for the destruction and was so bull-headed you couldn't convince him to stop for the sake of your home and people. You have to spend decades upon decades with another species who are basically ants to you and have far shorter lifespans. Which means that even if you did decide to make a friendship out of a total alien, it would be short lived. Besides, it wouldn't be the same. You'd be spending most of that time cooped up in a tiny box behind glass because you can't breathe the air in the potential new home. Which forces you to eat and sleep completely alone in specialized areas that the aliens can't come in because they can't breathe that air. And to rub salt in the wound, the ones who are your friends are basically in induced comas and kept alive in stasis. If any of them were lovers, that level of intimacy was denied. What little spare time you have is spent alone in their stasis room, the closest you can get for proper socialization. And with no one around that you see fit to talk you out of it, there's nothing to stop you from pulling the same level of destruction that your father pulled with the hopes that it would lead to saving your people.

Alopex was straight-up abducted and experimented on. Granted, Hob was as well, but he had at least been mutated beforehand and made his presence known to the humans. They'd probably get along marginally, but don't become friends. Because Alopex wouldn't agree with Hob's mentalities, and Alopex is basically a wild dog to Hob.

When it comes to recovery, Alopex and Hob were able to make friends and want to maintain relationships. Even if they had to literally make some of those friends like Hob did. Krang did not have that opportunity and knows better than to take any of those. He is not out to create new friendships, but to preserve and give a new life to those who are his friends, even if he has to suffer mentally. Friendships with humans and human-like beings would not last long enough for him; he had no equal. If circumstances were completely different, he could have had Honeycutt as an advisor at the very least, but that would never have happened in the set IDW universe as it is. But at the very least, Honeycutt might understand his situation more than others.

As for more villains...Ch'rell is coming and so are the Triceratons. Bobby Curnow has said the Triceratons would be some time in 2017. Ch'rell, who was probably very close to Krang given how Honeycutt and Ma'riell have described him so far. Krang's greatest warrior and so zealously devoted to him that his sister was more concerned about Ch'rells reaction to Krang's imprisonment than their combined war crimes? I'd say that's...very, very close.
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