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Originally Posted by Utrommaniac View Post
It's mostly my own interpretation; I would love to see something more official, but I'll have to go with wild speculation. Well, mostly wild, making guesses based of their physiology and what very little we have been given. At some point, I might compile my thoughts together.

This was made in November, and will certainly be redone, since the tub is awkwardly formed in front of Temre's tentacles; it might even have to be completely redesigned.

Quanin is questioning why Temre is bathing their son; after all, they have a nanny for that. A nanny who, at this point, has become more of a personal aid to Temre, since she was the one mostly caring for him.

At this point, I was having a bit of trouble figuring out the leg formation of the now, I'm probably going to go with the hoverseats of the 23k Utroms, or walkers like what the original Krang had...but without the screen.
Hey, I did the remake!

Finally got that off my chest.
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