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Just added some new blue line coloring pages from the First Graphic Novels. The original watercolors are by Steve Lavigne 1988. A reproduction of the Eastman and Laird linework on acetate is placed over the original paints on each piece. These pages come from the 4th graphic novel:

Issue 10 final page:

Issue 11 title page:

Issue 11 April splash:

Again, the April theme in my original art collection grows stronger. There's just something about cool April pages.

Also new is a Dark Horse Miniatures set from 1986. On page 1 of this thread you can see the collection so far. I've been trying to find every set in every single type of packaging, which equals 24 sets. The acquisition of this set leaves 3 more to find. Thanks to a fellow dromer for this set!

As always thanks for looking and happy collecting

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