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I know that Cam Clarke really wanted to play Michelangelo and while everyone was recording he was kind of bothered that he wasn't getting to be funny while voicing Leonardo. At first, the producers couldn't decide who should play Leonardo or Michelangelo. Townsend Coleman said that he got the luck of the draw when they wanted him to read Michelangelo first. The plan was to have him and Cam switch, but that didn't happen. They really did make the right call because when I've Townsend try to say Leonardo's lines like in the Season 5 DVD extra, he doesn't sound like a youthful leader. Cam made Leonardo really sound like a teenage leader.

This kind of reminds me of when Frank Welker and Casey Kasem auditioned for Scooby-Doo. Welker wanted to play Shaggy because he sounded a lot like him and was always being cast as straight-guy. Kasem actually wanted to try for Fred, but they thought he was better suited for Shaggy. That was obviously a good call there too.
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