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Originally Posted by IceFlash78
The ones that still exist? Were some of the older seasons lost in a fire or something?
Back a few decades ago, the BBC really had no care whatsoever for what future vale their older programming would have later in life on digital or DVD, and to make up space, would actually WIPE, and DESTORY the material they thought could not be sold or distributed any other way. Many famous Doctor Who moments were lost forever, including the final episode of the "Tenth Planet", featuring The First Doctors' fracken regeneration (fortunatly, the regeneration sequence is one of the few things that was succesfully salvaged from the episode, so all is good there), and the entirty of Patrick Trougtons' first season as The Doctor, including the last black and white Dalek serial "The Evil of the Daleks", featuring the first appearance of the Dalek Emperor, and a large scale Dalek cival war.

To this date, rough film edits that last either under a minute or mere seconds are worth millions if located of these missing episodes, the audio for the serials still exist also, so any serial missing is released as a CD-Drama, but it does'nt really atone for the stupidity of what some companies did at one time.
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