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Damn....not sure what made me think of coming back here...but I am surprised there are still some old faces swinging by!

I'm sure I've "outgrown" this place but I sure would like to come back on a regular basis....

So...if we be sharin how our life has changed, well.... Krow and I have been together for about 14 years (met right here on the ol' Drome so this place has a special spot in my heart) married almost 7 of thoes and our tiny turtle dudette will be 4 years old this weekend!

I'll be graduating nursing school in June and then the pressure is on to pass the dreaded NCLEX!

This place was my escape, long ago, from a dismal life and I'm glad to see others have "outgrown" it too! I miss all you old timers and the memories but us being gone just means our life has more purpose and our "real life" is time consuming and important!


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