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Originally Posted by Refractive Reflections View Post
Most Americans have to get by with a car. Remember also that cars and gasoline here in the USA are substantially cheaper (right now it's about $2.80/gallon that already includes taxes). One can get by with public transportation in the suburbs and in safe cities (forget about it in crime rampant cities like St. Louis, Missouri or Detroit, Michigan as they can be undependable and not safe), but public transportation is still seen as very inconvenient (in getting to work and errand run shopping) if one can afford a car and gas. Though in densely packed cities like New York City (with very high parking costs and/or limited parking spots) or Chicago, it's seen as impractical to bring the car to the city.

You'd be surprised how much credit card debt Americans have, and the consumerism culture.
Actually, the guy I quoted, Original TMNT Fan, is from Sweden. So the whole consumerism thing isn't really an exclusive American problem by any means.

But your point probably still stands. At least regarding credit card debt.
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