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Originally Posted by MikeandRaph87 View Post
How would the marriage be brought back?.
Some seeds have been planted for a restoration in the Spidey books lately

There was something in ASM back in 2016 where Peter MJ and Regent all experienced a "deja vu" sensation when battling to save Marvel heroes. This was a direct reference to the Parkers fight against the Regent in the original Renew Your Vows series, so this was implying the two versions of Peter and MJ are connected

Mephisto has also been appearing in books such as Spider-Man/Deadpool, and will appear in Scarlet Spider later this year. He's taunted Peter in his dreams, reminding him he was responsible for his ultimate downfall, and the solicits for April say he has had a "years long obsession with the Parker family"

They're building to something.
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