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- Mirage Shredder only existed for 1 issue and the Turtles killed him, so we have no idea what he did otherwise aside from killing Hamato Yoshi.

- Original cartoon Shredder was a typical 80's cartoon supervillain. To be fair he had the most world domination plots of any Shredder with Krang.

- Movie Shredder from the original 90's trilogy trained New York's teens into Foot Clan for a crimewave.

- 2k3 Shredder wanted to conquer Earth, enslave the Utroms, and take over the universe. Then wipe out all of existence. He was like Freeza and Xeno from DBZ.

- Demon Shredder from 2k3 also wanted to take over the world and turn it into Hell for demons.

- Nick Shredder had plans to control the city, but most of it was trying to kill Splinter and the Turtles. He did raise his enemies daughter as his own child for 16 years though, so that's dark.

- IDW Shredder was a feudal Japan warlord, but that was the norm for ancient Japan.
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