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The only truly honorable thing 2012 Shredder did was to drive Kavaxxas back into the demon realm.

But in general 2012 Shredder was the most unfeeling and stoic of all the Shredders.

- Raising your enemy's daughter and using her as a weapon to strike that enemy down with.
- In his absence, Karai actually succeeded into expanding the Foot Clan's mode of operations, brokering Foot soldiers and Chromedomes from the Kraang. Why wasn't Shredder pleased with that? Answer: because he's a control freak, the fact that Splinter's daughter did a better job at leading the Foot clan must have been such an insult to his ego.
- Having Stockman mutate Karai and forcing brain worms into her.
- Killing Splinter by striking him from behind, after you've declared a truce to save the planet because you've decided on the fly that his death is more important than the survival of everybody else.

Karai was right though: "He needs a hobby."
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