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Episode 10: The Curse of the Evil Eye
Written by: Martin Pasko

@James Avery: Shredder, Dock Worker 1
@Townsend Coleman: Michaelangelo, Mr. Blodget
@Cam Clark: Leonardo
@Pat Fraley: Krang, Baxter Stockman, Dock Worker 2
@Barry Gordon: Donatello
@Renae Jacobs: April O’Neil
@Rob Paulsen: Raphael
@Peter Renaday: Splinter, Vernon Fenwick

1. When Leonardo spots Baxter on the streets, he goes from having 3 fingers on his right hand, to 4.
2. Despite having his weapons transmogrified by the Eye, Leonardo’s swords appear in his belts throughout the first bout with Shredder.
3. Michaelangelo’s bandana tie flaps in the breeze while on the back of the dragon, Leonardo’s doesn’t.
4. Before the commercial break Raphael is sai-less, thanks to the Eye of Sarnath. When we return from the commercial break, you can see them in his hands and belt.
5. When the cops arrive on the scene, there’s an extra bit of green coming of the side of Raphael’s head.
6. Baxter turns an abandoned building into a “veritable Taj Mahal” complete with golden minarets, but the Eye has no effect on gold. Can it create gold out of nothing?
7. Splinter drives the Turtle Van. (It is established later in “Enter: The Fly” that Splinter can’t drive.)

Pizza References:
1. The Turtles use pizza delivery boy disguises again in this episode. Michaelangelo’s warned not to eat the props by Leonardo.
2. Blodget offers to treat the gang to an expensive diner, but when he’s told he had to pay for the news van out of his pocket he says he’ll just order pizza.

Pop Culture References:
1. Baxter’s blob monster looks like the Batman villain Clayface.
2. As Leonardo attempts to free Michaelangelo from the blob monster’s glob, Raphael calls him a “regular Abe Lincoln” a reference to the “Great Emancipator.”
3. The TV in Blodget shows parodies of the Smurfs, Alvin and the Chipmunks and even the Turtles themselves (mixed with a little Rambo).

Wacky Inventions:
1. Alien Crystal Detector (Sarnathometer) Mark 3
2. Baxter’s Rear View Glasses
3. Baxter’s Multi-Function Ray Gun (Disintegrates the Turtles’ sewer worker costumes and generates a hand and foot shaped beam to get the helmet from Blodget.)

1. Blodget’s cat Mortimer closely resembles Michaelangelo’s cat Klunk from the TMNT comic books.
2. The “girly grunt” is used twice when the Turtles face Baxter’s blob monster.
3. Shredder says the line, “So much for your blob monster,” twice.
4. Bebop and Rocksteady do not appear in this episode.

Should I do a "Catchphrase Counter"?

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