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Originally Posted by Ramboraph4life aka Matt View Post
So wouldn't that make Leo weaker than the other three, even though he's the leader? Because wouldn't 'suppressing your fear' be a great attribute?
I don't know, because we hear it all of the time, the ones that do suppress their fears are doing it because they don't want to face them, and the day they have to, it will hit them like a freight train. Leo is already come pass that hurdle because he's already acknowledged it and faced it head on, but it's also something he will face for the rest of his life.

Granted, Raph's ultimate fear I would think would be, if he was never strong enough to protect his brothers, that was something they dealt with in the episode where he was testing Leo's leading abilities, but for some reason this episode decided to fall back on comedy fair, which is OK, it is a kid's show, can't have it too heavy.
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