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I remember watching the first 10 episodes (approx.) while it was on Netflix. I didn't hate it...was actually sort of entertained by it, but I enjoyed it for its lameness, not because it had quality (it didn't). Laird himself hated it. Venus was only a thing because the network wouldn't have aired the show otherwise, and Eastman gave in. But Laird hated her with a passion.

I keep coming across the DVD's for this show, and contemplate buying them every time I do. But I doubt I will.

Originally Posted by turtlefanforever View Post
If you've read all the hate before you see it you're already screwed and arent able to enjoy it and view it as the misunderstood gem it really is.
It was the opposite with me. I went into it with abysmal expectations, and ended up semi-enjoying it because of that. Same reason I ended up liking TMNT III - which I'll still willingly watch, and enjoy.

Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Venus wasn't a strong female character, she was a glorified The Girl trope that had overpowered magic abilities and was a annoying "fish out of water" type on top of it as she continually spoke phrases wrong and had to be corrected by the Turtles.
I kinda liked that, actually... Forgot about it til you mentioned it.

Scumbag April.
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