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Another quarterly TNM thread with the same replies, I think instead of replying individually I should just write a huge ass post and post it every time this thread arises.

Real reason why people don't like TNM?
Most of the original fanbase were in their teens or early teens when the show came out so of course they weren't going to like it since it was aimed at kids. And when the it came to the internet the early adoters of it dictated the opinion future generations should have of a show which is why most "hate" it based on articles on popular websites than their own real opinion. I was a kid and thought this show looked awesome, sadly I didn't really get to see much of it until I was an adult, and of course if you watch it only as an adult and have read how bad it is then you'll see all the faults.

So I gathered most of the opinions and most of us agree the Power Rangers production doesn't work, it does for me but I understand why it doesn't. Most agree the suits aren't great. I think they're pretty good for TV quality, at least they can move around. Poor writing? Yes it's very inconsistent but not all of it was bad, there are some nice plots here and there.

The rest I thought they deserved individual responses.

Originally Posted by TurtleTitan97 View Post
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lame villans, and Venus.
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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
I also thought adding a fifth female Turtle ruined the whole thing. The irony of course is if this was done today it would be embraced by the mainstream media for being progressive.
Originally Posted by ToTheNines View Post
I mean, it's definitely bad. And Venus as a
concept is creatively bankrupt, but she wasn't that bad of a character most
Originally Posted by Candy Kappa View Post
Venus wasn't a strong female character, she was a glorified The Girl trope that had overpowered magic abilities and was a annoying "fish out of water" type on top of it as she continually spoke phrases wrong and had to be corrected by the Turtles. She wasn't a natural part of the group and just felt like a tacked on character that the Turtles could perv/romance over.

And shellboobs, and she's named after a artwork rather then an artist making her even more outside of the group. And calling Chinese Magic-Users for Shinobi.
Poor Venus gets a such a bad rap, especially since many people don't even bother to watch the show or only watch the first episode and get a bad idea about Venus with all these myths about her that constantly get re-posted on these threads all the time by most.

Venus was not romanced/pervd on, they only hint at it in two scenes or so in the pilot and never brought up again and it was never explicit, not any more than the OT turtles showing attention to April in a scene or two.

Shellboobs? I don't understand the problem, it's an easy way to make the sex obvious and only anti-furries or SJW should have a problem with it, for most of us it's just a design.

Over powered magic abilities? They were only used in the pilot and maybe another episode, so that's only true for the pilot. In fact it's kind of a plothole how it was later forgotten.

Badly written? Ironically she is the best written turtle of the show but no one seems to care.

Taking the spotlight? Another urban legend, she actually has the least focus episodes of all turtles and appears the same amount of time or less than the other turtles in your average episode.

These guys get it:
Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
I certainly feel if Saban didn't force a "girl Turtle"
I like Venus but I do agree with the general consensus that her addition wasn't entirely the best.
Originally Posted by DevilSpooky View Post
Now I'll get some hate from this but I do enjoy Venus, but the poor thing gets it rough, even in the show, the boys treat her like crap, always making fun of her and talk down to her, way to show kids how to treat girls Saban...

All in all, great ideias, really, REALLY poorly execution.

Now let's take a look at a big problemt he show has:

Originally Posted by Powder View Post
As Jester & I have long said, it would've been a little bit less ridiculed if they hadn't been so trigger happy with the goofy sound effects. The fights were fluffy enough on their own, but hearing a clown horn when someone gets kicked really takes ALL the wind out of it.
Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
as well as toning down the amount of sound effects and maybe fix the costumes, then Next Mutation would be an underrated entry in the franchise.
Originally Posted by dragonside View Post
The sound effects = soooo stoop

so stoop

If they made the tone a bit more serious - and half the scenes not looking like a rag tag gorilla shot.

I think it could have been a good series.
The Sound effects. Here at the drome we realized this was a problem nearly ten years ago and a dromer made a video of the show without the goofy sound effects and it felt like an entirely different show.

Originally Posted by GoldMutant View Post
but there's still a vast amount of good ideas in it. You got villains such as Silver, Vam Mi, and Simon Bonesteel who can certainly work, especially with the first two tying into gang wars and mysticism respectively.
Originally Posted by Tetsu Deinonychus View Post
And, for every one of those there are millions who dislike it for being very poorly written and produced.
Of course, anyone who still liked it for what it was (I guess the villains like Dragon Lord, Vam Mi, and Bonesteel have some charm and I can see where someone might like Venus, I don't, but I can see why someone might). But, I think most would agree that it was just a really bad show, and not some sort of "misunderstood gem" that you're painting it as.

But, if you like it, more power to ya!
The villains are kind of a mixed bag, the show used original villains with the exception of Shredder and it actually succeeded, most of the rogues gallery are full of potential and are super interesting. That's were the problem is, many times the villains were not written correctly and made too silly like the Schumacher Batman villains but the few times they're written correctly they're so awesome. The villains deserve being used on another incarnation and used to their full potential.

Originally Posted by Tetsu Deinonychus View Post
Not everyone who disagrees with you about a TV show is closed-minded or brainwashed or "on the bandwagon" or whatever you're accusing us of. By most people's standards it just wasn't a good show. If you found enough good about it to like it, by all means, watch it! Enjoy it! Just don't expect everyone to agree with you.

but will realize it's presence in TMNT history is fairly harmless.
When people defend the show they're not trying to say it's a great show, it's just a flawed show that gets too much undeserved hate as if it were the worst thing ever but it has plenty of redeeming features and most of the criticism isn't correct so I'm here defending it all the time, I like it but understand why people wouldn't, it's not great but it's not the worst thing ever.

Originally Posted by CyberCubed View Post
The series was way too juvenile and toned down for kids, much more than anything else.
Not much more than most TMNT media.
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