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Okay, but this could actually be an interesting Alternate Universe to explore.

Where the Avatar Hamato Yoshi disappears in the midst of a battle with Oroku Saki, and is assumed dead. Fifteen years pass with no sign of a new Avatar, much in the way as it happened with Aang. Until he is discovered in the sewers of a major city by April O'Neil and Casey Jones, in a completely different form, training four other mutants as Master Benders to strike back at Oroku Saki, who with the aid of mysterious aids, is risking the world.

The Utroms, and most other "alien" characters, come from the Spirit Realm, unless you want to go into the idea of true "aliens" in the Avatar universe. But man, "Triceratons" that are actually more like "spirits" would be hella cool.

The main meat of the story could take place in the outermost ring of Ba Sing Sae, making Oroku Saki an Earth Bender (I'd rather it be that than Fire), and Hamato Yoshi being from the Earth Kingdom itself.
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