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Literally every other day. Next to the toys, it's my favorite TMNT thing ever. If nothing's on? SB Movie. Going to bed? SB Movie as a lullaby. (wife hates it) Newly purchased collectible? SB Movie Soundrack (for unboxing) followed by SB Movie. Luckily I'm able to find it online to watch as my VHS tape degraded years ago and I haven't used a VCR in God knows DVD copy is lost at my father's house in another state. (I brought it to watch during my visit) I'm building a diorama display that is also to be used for photographs and video. The main idea of the setup is "If-the-SB Movie-happened-in-the-same-universe-of-the-animated-shows": Teenage criminals, teen hangout/Shredder lair/Foot training facility, Chief Sterns, Charles and Danny Pennington, etc. Matter of fact, it's more like "If-the-SB-Movie-had-all-the-animated-characters".

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