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Well I just watched it and I was extremely disappointed by the episode and I was so looking forward to the second crossover, especially when I saw it was 3 episodes.

The main problem with the crossover is it was stretched out over 3 episodes, I mean look at all the things they did in the first crossover which only lasted one episode. Here the turtles never went to the OT universe, likely because of budget but it should've been done in one or two episodes max.

Rocksteady & Beebop save the crossover, they were hilarious. I love them. Russian Rocksteady is great, too bad his human self was nothing like his mutated form, he was this badass gangster weapons guy if we remember But I can forgive that change since he's so awesome.

My main gripe is the treatment of the OT Turtles, it seems the writers decided to see if they could insult them as bad as Turtles Forever did. Now I don't think it ever got as bad as in Turtles Forever but after giving them such great treatment in the first crossover why do a bait and switch for this crossover?

Krang's CG body is so awful, noticed it also when re-watching the first crossover, Vegita does better with proportions in his amateur work. Shredder/Turtles also look odd but not enough to call it out.

Originally Posted by Jester View Post
I just realized....

With Slash and Mondo in the mix, we have 3 Donnies & 3 Mikeys...I'm positive that's intentional.
What do you mean?

Originally Posted by VaughnMichael View Post
I loved this special outside of the 80's turtles being made to look like huge wimps.
And having to be trained by the Nick TMNT.
Which makes me wonder if this causes the turtles to go into the Red Sky era of the old toon.
I like this theory.
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