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Originally Posted by AquaParade View Post
But at the end of the day, I much rather spend time around the SoTO turtles. Their personalities are vibrant, their conversations are funny, and they look so damn cool in those Henson suits. Most of what was special about the first film was lost in SoTO, but even the special elements that remain are enough for me to put it above 07.
SOTO does too many things right to be seen as a failure or inferior. These are just the ones that come to me:

* It continues on from the first movie pretty well
* While the tone is more inconsistent compared to the first it still feels
* While not all the jokes hit it's still the best TMNT movie for humour
* The characters get a logical progression
* The music works lovely (I mean the score, not the Vanilla Ice song)
* There's still an element of conflict and drama to the characters
* Unlike the 2007 movie SOTO actually features a villain
* David Warner - nuff said
* Jim Henson suits are refined and at their best in SOTO

No. To say SOTO is nothing but pizza and Cowabunga is really selling it way too short. SOTO is always interesting to watch. In comparison the 2007 regardless of it's fast moving, dynamic camera angles is dull and boring. SOTO is not the best sequel ever made but a hell of a lot better than some will give it credit for.
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