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Originally Posted by pferreira View Post
* It continues on from the first movie pretty well
Shredder is in a junkyard, on account of being in a garbage truck in the last movie. That's the ONLY connection. If you want to ignore the first film and treat II as its own thing, I can see where it's passable. But it's a TERRIBLE sequel, as far as doing the things sequels generally do. Between several main characters being recast, and even more of them dropped entirely, one could be forgiven for thinking that the first and second movies don't even belong in the same universe. The look is different, the tone is different... there's little to no connective tissue linking the first and second movies. III definitely feels like a sequel to II, but II in NO way feels like a follow-up to the first.

I honestly think the second one holds up better if you take it completely away from the first. It's less of a disappointment or missed opportunity if you ignore all the cool stuff they COULD have done but didn't.

Anyway, no weapons = No Sale. "Combat Cold Cuts" my chapped ass. And no Casey Jones, after he was arguably the standout character from Part I? What the f*ck. These are bad ideas.

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