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Originally Posted by Panda_Kahn_fan View Post
I appricate this movie for one reason, and one reason alone; it finally gave me my childhood dream of live-action Bebop, Rocksteady, and Krang. Now, they can reboot with a Mirage centered version, and I can watch it happily.

And to those who hate this movie; stop wishing it didn't exist. It got the Fred Wolf characters out of the way, and it's failure paves the way for a more 'ninja/martial arts' version the next time around.
Might be a while before we see another movie or maybe tv show. I didn't like this movie, but I did like it better than the first one and I went in expecting to hate it. Was it bad? Yes, but it did show the cartoon characters that have been missing...

I would think if the powers that be would do a Mirage version on netflix that it would sell like hotcakes...
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