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Episode 38: Camera Bugged
Written by: Michael Edens and Mark Edens

Voice Cast:
James Avery: Shredder
Cam Clarke: Leonardo, Rocksteady
Townsend Coleman: Michelangelo, Fripp
Jennifer Darling: Irma Langinstein, Old Lady
Pat Fraley: Krang, Burne Thompson, Policeman
Barry Gordon: Donatello, Bebop
Renae Jacobs: April O’Neil
Rob Paulsen: Raphael
Peter Renaday: Splinter, Vernon Fenwick, News Anchor

1. When the Turtles jump out of the Turtle Van to battle Shredder Leonardo is seen with both katana blades drawn, but is seen redrawing one katana when he requested Shredder to surrender.
2. Right after the first commercial break, Donatello's bo straps are brown instead of gray.

Catchphrase/Insult Countdown:
1. When Michelangelo gets ready to attack Splinter during ninja practice, he says "Cowabunga".
2. Shredder says "blasted turtles" right before they arrive in fountain square.
3. Shredder calls the Turtles "wretched reptiles" during the battle at the fountain square.
4. Donatello says "not quite tin grin" shortly afterwards to Shredder.
5. Krang calls Bebop and Rocksteady cretins when caught inside of the Polarisoid camera.
6. Shredder refers to April a "meddeling reporter" in the Technodrome.
7. Krang calls Shredder a "numbskull".
8. Leonardo says "Turtles Fight With Honor" when the battle inside the Channel 6 newsroom begins.
9. Michelangelo says "Cowabunga" right before the roller coaster cars movie into the tractor trailer truck.
10. Michelangelo says "Cowabunga!" as he surfboards back to Earth in the Channel 6 building.

Pizza References:
1. The pizza sign to the right of the Channel 6 building is visible twice in this episode.
2. When the Turtles are on the roller coaster inside the Polarisoid camera, Michelangelo says "I wish I hadn't eaten that pizza before we left".
3. Part of a pizza billboard is shown next to the building the Turtles are hanging against while still in the roller coaster car.
4. Michelangelo says to Fripp if he happened to take a picture of a pizza parlor when they are sitting on the horse statue.

Pop Culture References:
1. The Turtles ask for a vacation in this episode after ninja practice. Michelangelo requests Malibu Beach, California; Donatello the Smithsonian in Washington, DC; Leonardo a generic war museum, and Raphael Las Vegas.
2. When April knocks Shredder into the water fountain, Raphael gives Shredder a 4.8 on that dive, which is a low score in the sport of diving.
3. Lots of references to popular photography terms and expressions in this episode, from self-portrait to "You're on vanishing (from candid) camera" to "Capture the moments". The name "Polarisoid" derives from the Polaroid camera.
4. While on the ship inside the alien camera, Donatello says "Shredhead overboard", a spoof on the popular "Man overboard" expression.
5. Michelangelo compares the life preserver thrown at Shredder by Donatello to a horseshoe.
6. When the policeman arrive at the water fountain, Raphael tells the Turtles that "they're playing our song", a 1978 musical.

Fourth Wall Breaking Humor:
1. Shredder says "I always wanted to say that" after saying "roll cameras" inside the Channel 6 news room.
2. Shredder says "Farewell mutants, or have I already said that" as he climbs back aboard the ship after he was knocked down.

Wacky Inventions:
1. Polarisoid Camera
2. Fripp's Spaceship
3. Fripp's Landing Pod

The Polarisoid camera basically kidnaps anybody who is exposed to its flash, trapping them inside the camera in a parallel dimension.

First appearance of Fripp the Polarisoid.
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