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As you can probably tell from my username, Leonardo is my fave turtle, and a lot of my art collection revolves around him. One of the first pieces of original art I got was purchased directly from Sophie Campbell. The original Leo micro is probably my favourite Mirage issue of all time, and the IDW issue is fantastic. In my opinion, Sophie is the best TMNT IDW artist to date, and I'm proud to own some of her artwork. This is the cover to her Leonardo micro, I love the atmosphere and grittiness!

When I purchased the Leonardo micro cover from Sophie, I also bought 3 pages from the issue as well. Sophie also did this cool sketch for me, which has gradually became one of the overriding themes of my art collection, e.g. black and white pieces with the bandana colored blue (also the origin of my username). I love the intensity of Leo's stare.

And here are the 3 pages from the Leo micro issue by Sophie Campbell, they're pages 14, 15 and 16. I didn't want to lose too many details in each page, so apologies for the size of the image.

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