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(his human form drawn by my friend)(his wolf form note its a direwolf hence its bigger then a grey wolf)
(his werewolf/lycan form for use only when the moon is out)
Name: Maximus
Last name: wulf(he adopted it for our times)
Age: biologicly 18( real age at lest 950 at most 1,226 most likely somewhere between)
Race: Viking/werewolf(sometimes called a lycan because he was born with it and can control it)
Height: 5'0"(human)6'6"(wolf forms)
Strength: 1,500lbs(human and wolf)/1 ton(werewolf)
Speed: 100 mph(human and wolf form)400 mph(werewolf)
Job: warrior(former)/history teacher(current)
Hair color: brown all forms
Hair style: wild shoulder length kept out of his eyes
Eyes:silver(human)blue(wolf)silverblue werewolf)
Apparel: leather jakets or other nature based stuff nothing synthetic ever for he can't shift it with him
Powers: super strength speed and healing factor(is like wolverines but wounds made by silver take longer to heal)/immortal (only silver weapons can kill him)\master of swords axes and shields/can mix and make potions for various effects/even in human form can have claws that retract

Weapon: carries a bone sword(as a animal made weapon it shifts with him)
Bio: born of a Viking berserk farther and a loving mother he was raised as a warrior and trained from a young age as he grew he noticed he was stronger and faster then most it was not till a hard battle that he found out why as his home was attacked on a full moon his mom shoud her true power and turned into a werewolf it turns out he had the wolf blood but was not active till he blooded and beaten has his mothers blood soak into him with his renewed powers he avanged his family and set out to just live as one with his wolfblood

His wolf form is mostly a disguise and his werewolf form is only used at night


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