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Originally Posted by CansecoBat View Post
That's why parents complained..
Parents complained, because this was the era when parents really started treating their kids as if they're overtly fragile and incredibly weak-minded. This is was when it started becoming everyone else's fault, you know, and not their's nor their children's. If a kid got a bad grade, it couldn't be that he didn't study or pay attention or even do his homework. No, it was the teacher's fault. Likewise, if a kid got hurt re-enacting a scene from Power Rangers, it was the TV's fault, not the stupid kid, nor the parent's, who may or may not have taken the time to explain the difference reality and fiction. The baby boomers relied on television and media as the ultimate babysitter.

Remember, these were the same folks who took their kids to see Batman Returns, a sequel to a film that clearly was not a kid's film, a film that in its preview was clearly not a kids film, a PG-13 film back when PG-13 actually meant something and then complained when it wasn't a kids film. They based their assumptions on the fact that it was based on a comic and that McDonalds had happy meals promoting it, and then instead of blaming themselves for not really doing any sort of research about the film they're taking their kids to see, they instead took it out on McDonalds. (People will try to tell you McDonalds quit promoting darker PG-13 films, but just a year later, they had Jurassic Park happy meals -- that film also received criticism, because it had dinosaurs and was made by Steven Spielberg, so it had to be a kids film )

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