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Your ideal Turtles Show..

We like to do alot of wondering and complaining about things.. but..
If you where show runner, what would your ideal version of a ninja turtles show be?

For me, at this point, I'd probably only keep the basic elements. Shredder, Karai, April, Splinter, Hamato Yoshi and the turtles.

At least at the start.

I'd do something a little different with this series. Rather than start them off as teenagers, I'd start the show off with them as toddlers.

The first season would be their first sessions of ninja training as they learn the arts and have adventures along the way. maybe I'd throw in a joke or two of them saving april and casey from the shadows, without introducing themselves....but only once.

The basic Mirage Origin would be in tact. Mostly. Only in this case, Saki, pre Shredder, would know who Splinter is. He'd know he's in NYC...he'd know he was yoshi, and he's trying to destroy him so as to erase the last bit of yoshi from the earth.

In this case, I'd leave Tang Shen out of this part of the origin. I would bring Back Oruko Nagi. I would make Nagi and Yoshi friends. some horrible incident happens where Nagi dies...maybe defending against some robbers or something. Saki would see this, think yoshi did it, and that starts the feud. he barely escapes...heads to NYC.

Along the way, Yoshi saves one of the utroms from disaster. discovers their secret, and goes to work for them. Saki, now in charge of the foot, that yoshi and nagi where a part of, finds the utrom base, and causes the accident that changes him to splinter..

yoshi, half deformed, escaped into the sewers to hide from the public,and along the way, the accident that sends the turtles into the sewers happens. some bits of the mutagen still on splinter affects them, and boom. story begins.

somewhere alongthe way, Shredder hears stories of a mutant ratroaming the streets at night, and he knows splinter is still alive. so, the hunt begins, and so does the ninja training.

The second season would see a jump to their teenage years andthe main series begins...

I'd keep mutants to a minimum in this series....but when one doesshow up, it's a threat worth stickingaround for a full season.

the tone would be a mix of 4 kids seriousness interms of action, some humor, but just enough to make them cute and relatable... with a slightly grittier first movie look.

I'd probably end the series with a Future Turtles arc. The Turtles are now about 100 years old, but still rather nimble for their age.Splinter is long dead,aliens walk the earth, and they can generally live in peace..until one final threat arrives.

I'd probably keep the series fully CG...unless the animation could be feature quality in 2D every episode.
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