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I'd like to see Ciro do one entirely on his own, no influence from Playmates, Viacom, his creative peers, just Ciro. Something 2D that brings his concept art to life while retaining the original style. Having a fairly good idea about his aesthetic, I think it'd be insanely dope by itself. With all the horror, punk rock, & vinyl kaiju stuff at full force, no doubt a killer cartoon.

Similarly, I wanna see Andy Suriano's vision for the TMNT. He did all that character concept art that got rejected. It's weird as hell & could make for a very interesting change of pace. Examples:


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IDW with age progression. Or a straight up mirage adaptation.
I'd also accept either of these. An anime would be great, too, be it a comedic slice of life series, or something more serious/action oriented.
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