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I watched it at AMC in Disney Springs with about 20-30 other people, including Kim Dawson, the producer, and Bobby Herbeck, the screenwriter. Afterwards, we did a Q&A, and I got a 1 of 100 prints of a reproduction movie poster signed by Kim, Bobby, and another. I also bought the script to the movie, numbered 4/100. It's really interesting to see all of the scenes that were different, cut, or scenes that were actually shot as written, that I wouldn't have expected. Like the "You're a claustrophobic" line. I didn't expect that to be in the script with that back and forth.

Also, the picture quality looked great. The only thing that was off was the sound, but I believe that was an issue with the actual theater not having the sound settings correct, just based on my prior experience as a movie projectionist.
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