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Unfortunately ,Turtles 2003 show didn't get the treatment it deserves in the UK . They stopped releasing it on DVDs after their great non-watermarked season 1 release and then suddenly released a random volume 1 for season 6 ( Maybe the company / distributor is different , I have the DVD , but I don't remember which company it was authored by ) . They also didn't air season 5 at all , not to mention that I had access to TV rips from some kids channel for season 4 and 6 and noticed that they labeled season 4 as Fast Forward /season 6 lol . ( Speaking of those UK TV rips , they used the non-watermarked version with side-by-side credits , but created their own bumpers for season 4 instead of the real things , I bet they did that to minimize the runtime . Going off memory , They kept the real bumpers of season 6 intact . )

And then finally this ! ( the 2018 editing stuff you're talking about ) .
The show got horrible treatments with so many flaws in other countries as well . Translation wise , chronological order wise , picture quality wise etc , but all of them are/were non-English speaking countries . I find it weird to be treated that way in an English-speaking country .. Maybe it has to do with the censorship the older series had like changing the word ninja into hero and all that stuff .
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