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Originally Posted by ZariusTwo View Post

A project that spent three years in development hell has finally come to fruition.

For a long time now, I've been attempting to develop stories based around the original TMNT Fred Wolf series, the project took on the form of a comic, then a novel, and finally after some major plot abandoment/retooling, returned to a script format to serve it's newest purpose: As an audio drama script!

Overall, I plan to write at least ten of these, a full "season" so to speak, split into two waves. The first episode is a 50-minute "primetime special", with the remainder of the episodes being 25 minutes in length like a standard episode of the old show.

Due to FF.Net's flippant rules and regulations regarding fanscripts, I've taken to posting them on Deviantart until further notice. In time I may "novelize" the scripts to give them some kind of prescense on, but I'd rather they be read in this form first.

People keen on TMNT audio dramas or just plays in general should feel free to use these scripts to their hearts content, I hope you enjoy them, as a regular reader or as a performer. There's quite a lot in them for everyone


"Wave One" (Eps 1-5)

1."So Long, No Thanks For All The Fish"
(Read the Novelization here)
2. "My Seer, My Secretary" (in development)
3. "Raphael Counts 'Em All" (in development)
4. "The Lotus and The Sun" (in development)
5. "Mutants and Miracles" (in development)
...... read a bit of it... instantly turned off by the story starting off with 'penis-size jokes'. Yeah, I know it wasn't that... but all the suggestive dialogue... just no dude. Bad! Bad! Bad! No pizza for you! Keep that kinda stuff out of the OT-type Turtles.
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